Mattress Cleaning Service

Triple Supreme Deep Cleaning

Restores a clean mattress without contaminants and bugs

6 Thorough Steps Secure Your Sleep Quality

Meticulously Protect Your Restful Nights

Mattress Cleaning Service S.O.P.


Service subscriber will receive SMS notification upon our service personnel’s arrival


Our service personnel will explain the entire service process and reconfirm the service


Then, service tools and cleaning agents will be laid out


The cleaning agent will be ready at the ratio of 1:10 accordingly – 100ml of cleaning agent + 10 litre of water


Pillow case(s) and bedsheet(s) / bed cover(s) will then be removed


Before cleaning, our service personnel will take a photo of the product


Our service personnel will start wiping down/dry-cleaning the bedframe


Our service personnel will then proceed to clean the pillow(s)


Then, the mattress cleaning service will begin with a thorough dry-cleaning and hydro-cleaning session


Our service personnel will spray a layer of bedbug remover on top of the mattress


A notice card will be placed on top of the mattress to act as a reminder for the 4-hour waiting period


Customer will sign a service note to acknowledge the cleaning service, and the customer will receive an electronic certification via email upon service completion.

You Should Clean Your Mattress Now

Nothing Can Interrupt Your Restful Nights Any Longer

Can’t stop scratching your body when you sleep?
Shock to discover rashes when you wake up?
It’s not flu, but your nose is always runny in the morning?

These are worse than nightmares as the dust mites, bed bugs, fungi, or allergens may have invaded your bed.
You need a professional mattress cleaning service!

Dust Mites

Bed Bugs





Before Cleaning

After Cleaning


01. Can the service personnel clean the dust underneath my bed?

No. Our service personnel will only clean your mattress, pillow(s), and bedframe.

02. Will Hydro Cleaning be conducted on both sides of my mattress (top & bottom)?

No. We will conduct hydro cleaning on top of the mattress only.

03. Will you clean my mattress holder too?

No. We will not move/remove your mattress.

04. Can the service personnel help to clean my bolster?

No. We will conduct dry-cleaning to clean your pillow(s) but not the bolster..

05. Can the service personnel help to clean my pillow(s) by hydro cleaning?

No. To clean the pillow(s), we will apply the dry-cleaning method only.

06. Do I need to wash my bedsheet/protector after the cleaning services?

Yes. We highly recommend that you change the bedsheet/protector after the service as your mattress has just been freshly cleaned.

07. How long does it take for the service?

The cleaning service takes about 90 minutes, and customers will need to wait for another 4 hours after the service until the bed is ready to use.

08. Can a mattress made from full coconut fibre be cleaned by WonderKlean?

No. Our cleaning service doesn’t apply to a full coconut fibre mattress.

09. Can the service personnel clean my comforter?

No. Our service personnel will only clean your mattress, pillow(s), and bedframe.

10. Will hydro cleaning cause mold to grow on my mattress?

No. Customers are required to wait for 4 hours before the mattress is thoroughly dried and ready to use.

11. Will hydro cleaning leave an unpleasant, strong odour on my mattress?

No unpleasant odour will remain on your mattress. Instead, there will be a mild floral scent.

12. How long should I wait after the cleaning service for my mattress to get thoroughly dried?

It takes 4 hours to let your mattress fully dry after cleaning.

13. What is WonderKlean Care Plan?

WonderKlean Care Plan is a policy in which an insured receives reimbursement from WonderKlean. This policy is designed to protect an insured in respect of the legal liability to pay compensation for accidental bodily injury or accidental damage to the property of the other person caused by or through the negligence of the insured or his employees or by any defect in the premises owned or any defects in the ways, works of the insured.

14. What does the WonderKlean Care Plan cover?

The WonderKlean Care Plan covers any property damage that is caused during service sessions. However, it does not apply to the failure of the serviced product(s) (washing machine, kitchen appliances, mattress and air-conditioner) after the service session.